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Investor Meet Company

Helen Steers, Partner at Pantheon and co-lead manager of PIP, was delighted to join Investor Meet Company recently to discuss PIP and its financial results for the half year to 30 November 2023.

Investor Meet Company

Helen Steers, Partner at Pantheon and co-lead manager of PIP, was delighted to join Investor Meet Company to discuss PIP’s investment approach and financial results for the year to 31 May 2023.

Company in Focus: OptConnect

OptConnect is a provider of wireless internet connectivity solutions for unattended equipment such as kiosks, smart vending, digital signage and ATMs. PIP invested in OptConnect via a manager-led secondary transaction alongside Graham Partners. Watch Kevin Dunwoodie, Partner at Pantheon, discuss why we believe OptConnect is an attractive investment and how Graham Partners plans to create value for investors during the next phase of its ownership.

Company in Focus: Riri & MTA

Riri is a provider of coated metal accessories such as zips, buttons and buckles, and MTA is a manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Watch Jerome Kinas, Managing Partner at Chequers Capital, discuss why Chequers invested in Riri and MTA and how the firm created value during its ownership of both companies to deliver strong exits for investors, including PIP.

QuotedData Weekly Show – Pantheon International Plc

Helen Steers, co-manager of PIP, spoke with James Carthew about PIP’s share buyback programme, the embedded value within the portfolio and the annual results for the year to 31 May 2023.

Understanding Single Asset Secondaries

Petra Bukovec, Partner at Pantheon, discusses how single asset secondary investments are structured, the potential benefits it can provide to investors and how we expect this segment of the market to develop in the coming years.

Company in Focus: MiQ

MiQ is a data analytics company serving the programmatic advertising market. Watch Tom Wrenn, Managing Partner at ECI Partners, talk about why they invested in MiQ and how they grew the business organically to create value for ECI’s investors.

Company in Focus: Biolchim

Biolchim specialises in the production and commercialisation of bio-stimulants and specialty fertilisers. Watch Philippe Guerin, Managing Partner at Chequers Capital, discuss why they invested in the business and how they created value during their ownership to deliver a strong exit for investors, including PIP.

Secondary investing in a dislocated market

Amyn Hassanally, Partner and Global Head of Private Equity Secondaries at Pantheon, talks about why the current environment is interesting for investors in the secondary market and the key attributes Pantheon is looking for in potential deals.

Celebrating 35 Years of Outperformance

PIP listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1987, raising £12m to provide shareholders with access to exciting private companies managed by many of the best private equity managers worldwide. 35 years later, PIP is in the FTSE 250 and has delivered an outstanding long-term track record of outperformance. Watch our animation to learn about how PIP has grown and evolved over the years.

Investor Meet Company - Pantheon International Plc

Helen Steers, lead manager of PIP, joined Investor Meet Company to talk about the private equity sector, PIP’s investment approach and its record financial results for the year to 31 May 2022.

Company in focus: EUSA Pharma

EUSA Pharma, a global, specialty in-licensing pharmaceutical company focused on oncology and rare diseases, is PIP’s largest ever single company exit after it was sold in December 2021. Watch Erik Wong, Partner in Pantheon’s Global Co-Investment team, discuss why PIP co-invested in EUSA Pharma, alongside EW Healthcare, in 2015 and how the PE manager grew the business during its ownership.

Company in focus: Travel Chapter

Travel Chapter is a leading technology-enabled travel platform for self-catering holidays. PIP gained exposure to Travel Chapter via a primary investment with ECI Partners in 2018. George Moss, Partner at ECI Partners, talks about why they invested in Travel Chapter and how they worked with the management team to grow the business.

Company in focus: Olaplex

Olaplex is a fast-growing independent haircare brand with patent-protected products backed by science. Tricia Glynn, Partner at Advent International Group, talks about why they invested in Olaplex and how they have created value during their ownership.

Co-investing in the current market - Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller, Pantheon Partner and Global Head of Private Equity, discusses why investors have been increasingly drawn to co-investments over the past several years and what 2022 has in store, including his view on how Pantheon’s wide funnel of potential and often proprietary co-investment opportunities can help us navigate risks in the current market environment.

The Role of a Private Equity Manager

Private equity managers don’t just provide capital. They also apply their strategic and operational expertise to create long-term value in companies. Watch our animation to learn more about what our PE managers actually do.

Company in focus: Sandaya

Sandaya is a premium outdoor leisure and hospitality group with 29 four and five-star campgrounds in France, Belgium and Spain. Bruno Candelier from Apax Partners SA talks about how they helped Sandaya to grow through digitalisation and M&A.

Company in focus: Signature Foods

Signature Foods is a leading branded and private label food business with a strong presence in the Benelux region and a rapidly expanding footprint in other parts of Europe. Frederik Jacobs from IK Partners talks about why they invested in Signature Foods and how they helped the business to grow.

Hardman Talks: Pantheon International

Helen Steers, manager of PIP, was interviewed recently for Hardman Talks. In the interview she discussed PIP's portfolio, performance and explored key private equity sector themes, highlighting in particular how technology and tech-enabled companies have been one of PIP's investment focuses. Helen also discussed the importance of ESG and how ESG within private equity adds value for both investors and society.

Co-investments: Finding value in a competitive market

Jeff Miller, Pantheon Partner and Global Head of Co-investments, explains how we are navigating a competitive market to find “pockets of opportunity” that have the potential to deliver attractive returns.

Company in focus: Allegro

Allegro is Poland’s largest online marketplace and one of the world’s top ten e-commerce websites. Mid Europa talks about why they invested in Allegro and how they supported the management to achieve their key strategic initiatives.

Company in focus: Colisée

IK Investment Partners talks about their investment in Colisée, a leading European operator of nursing home facilities and home care services agencies for the elderly.

Resilience, Responsibility, Long-Term Performance

Watch our latest video on PIP and how it offers access to the global private equity market.

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