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Add private equity returns to your portfolio through our decades of experience and network of relationships. A PIP ordinary share gives you easy access to hand-picked fast growing private companies worldwide.

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Co-investments - Finding value in a competitive market

Jeff Miller, Pantheon Partner and Global Head of Co-investments, explains how we are navigating a competitive market to find “pockets of opportunity” that have the potential to deliver attractive returns.

Responsible investing
Index Ventures on ESG

In this interview, we talk to Rini Banerjee from Index Ventures, one of our leading venture capital managers, about Index’s approach to ESG, how they have advanced their diversity and inclusion efforts in recent years and how all of this supports their investment thesis to “leave the world a better place."

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Private equity is all around us
Leading the way with the digital retail experience

Allegro is Poland’s largest online marketplace and one of the world’s top ten e- commerce websites. Mid Europa talks about why they invested in Allegro and how they supported the management to achieve their key strategic initiatives.

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Realisations from our portfolio underpin performance
Vital healthcare for the elderly

IK Investment Partners talks about their investment in Colisée, a leading European operator of nursing home facilities and home care services agencies for the elderly.

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Long-term track record

PIP has outperformed the FTSE All-Share and MSCI World (Sterling) since the Company's inception in 1987.

About PIP


The missing link in your portfolio?

Private equity provides access to many opportunities that may not be available through public markets. We believe that it is suitable for most long-term investors and can be an important component of a diversified investment portfolio.

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Decades of experience

Pantheon’s decades of experience and network of relationships provide PIP with access to many of the leading private equity managers in the world, and their exciting portfolio companies.

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One of the world's foremost private equity investors


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Institutional clients

PIP is overseen by an independent Board of Directors and managed by Pantheon, one of the leading private equity investment managers globally.

Pantheon’s more than 35 years’ experience as a private equity investor and the deep relationships built up by its highly experienced global investment professionals provide PIP with access to investments with the best managers and their underlying portfolio companies.

About Pantheon

Responsible investing

A history of being at the forefront of ESG

We invest with integrity and conviction. Incorporating ESG into our investment process is not only good for the planet, but also good for business.

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