Our Portfolio

Actively managed to deliver for our shareholders

PIP offers a global, diversified selection of private equity assets, carefully selected by Pantheon for their quality.

The diversification of PIP’s portfolio, with assets spread across different investment styles and stages including buyout, venture and growth, and special situations, helps to reduce volatility both of returns and cash flows. The maturity profile of the portfolio ensures that PIP is not overly exposed to any one vintage. PIP’s geographical diversification extends its exposure beyond the USA and Europe, to regions with higher rates of economic growth such as Asia.


Portfolio analysis by value

As at 28 February 2022.

Fund Region i

Weighted towards the more developed private equity markets in the USA and Europe while Asia and EM provide access to faster-growing economies.

Fund Stage i

PIP’s portfolio is well diversified across different investment stages with a particular focus on small/mid-market buyout and growth funds.

Fund Maturity i

Maturity profile is managed to enhance performance while maintaining a cash-generative portfolio.

Investment Type i

Flexible approach to portfolio construction increases potential for outperformance.

Company Sectors i

PIP’s sectoral exposure diversifies the effects of cyclical trends within particular industry segments. Relative to the FTSE All-Share and MSCI World indices, PIP has greater exposure to information technology, and lower exposure to the banking, mining and energy sectors.

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