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How to Invest in PIP

If you are contemplating an investment in PIP, it is important that you read and understand our Legal and Risk Notice. You should seek individual advice from an appropriate independent financial and/or other professional adviser before making any investment or financial decision.

Investing in PIP

An investment in PIP can be made by buying ordinary shares on the London Stock Exchange through a broker or financial intermediary.

The Company’s ordinary shares are listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange. PIP’s ordinary shares are traded under the SEDOL code of BP37WF1 or TIDM code of PIN. The ISIN code for PIP’s ordinary shares is GB00BP37WF17. Prices are published daily in the Financial Times under the ‘Investment Companies’ heading and in other leading newspapers and can also be viewed on this website.

You can also invest in PIP through an online broker or execution-only platform. Below are some of the platforms where PIP’s shares can be purchased:

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