Case Study

SF Filter


The company

  • Region: Europe (Switzerland)
  • Sector: Industrials
  • Stage: Mid-market buyout
  • Type: Co-investment
  • Fund Vintage: 2016
  • Highlights:

Private Equity Manager (GP)

Case study

About the company

  • Leading distributor of mobile and industrial filters for after-market applications.
  • SF Filter’s modern filtration technology contributes to a cleaner environment by reducing energy consumption and the emission of pollutants.

Why invest

  • Resilient business model operating in a favourable regulatory environment.
  • Opportunity to accelerate organic growth through the reorganisation of its sales force, the introduction of CRM tools and by strengthening the management team.
  • Potential to acquire industrial clients through complementary add-on acquisitions.
  • Ambienta’s strong focus on operational improvement and internationalisation has resulted in the strengthening of the company’s organisation and systems, the optimisation of the balance sheet and the fuelling of online sales.

Our relationship

  • Pantheon is a primary investor and holds Advisory Board seats in two Ambienta funds.

Manager ESG credentials

  • Ambienta is a leading European manager that invests exclusively in companies whose products or services generate resource efficiency or control the impact of pollution.
  • Ambienta has developed a proprietary scoring system to reflect their sustainability-driven private equity investment approach. In addition, Ambienta applies a range of standardised metrics to capture the full environmental impact of their portfolio companies.
  • Ambienta achieved the Climate-Neutral label in 2020 and is committed to addressing incremental emissions that may arise from the expansion of the firm’s reach and operations.
  • Ambienta’s diversity strategy continues to be implemented extensively and has been embraced at the highest levels of the organisation. In 2020, 44% of new hires were female.
  • Ambienta’s longstanding commitment to sustainability and ESG has been recognised by the industry.

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